Encounter with TEKNO TRIBE

9/25 (Fri)
Start 23:00 / ¥1500


JR Chaparro

6月に初来日したJEFF23に続き、UKレイブを先導した伝説のテクノ部族SPIRAL TRIBEのオリジナルメンバーでSP23の重要人物69DBが初来日!!!そしてアムステルダムの名門レーベルRUSH HOURの若手先鋭アーティストROBERT BERGMAN、今年はRUSH HOURのMarkrhや1-DRINK LONG SETなどで一緒にパーティをメイクした期待の若手JR Chaparro、そしてそして東京の夜をにぎわせ続けているお馴染み1-DRINKという最高のメンツで最狂にアシッッッドにお届けします!!!乞うご期待!!!

As a teenager, experiencing the illegal acid house parties of the late 80s, 69db was inspired to become an dance music producer. Being certain of his direction, he busked the London Tube, Paris Metro and Berlin U-Bahn to finance his early experiments in electronic music and exchanged his drum kit for a Roland 303 and an EDP Wasp synthesiser.
A member of the Spiral Tribe Sound System from 1991 onwards, and co-founder of the original SP23 studio, 69db helped push a nascent dance music scene beyond the limits of track production and DJing and into the unexplored territory of live improvised music.
Embracing traditions as diverse as freeform jazz, dub, house, funk, hard tek and raw tribal rhythms, 69db has consistently set new standards of live performance. Switching up into style after style and collaboration after collaboration, the one constant throughout has been his belief in the transformational energy of music.
A live musician through and through, he has released tracks under Spiral Tribe, SP23, R-ZAC and Liveset Dub on labels such as Big Life, Drop Bass Network, Force inc, Rabbit City, Labworks, Acid Orange, Expressillon and Trax Records Chicago. Today, his live performances weave threads of spirituality and raw urban grit together into fluid moments of musical experience.

For those of you who don’t know the full and unexpurgated Robert Bergman story, it goes a little something like this. Robert Bergman used to be the kid that wouldn’t leave the record store – so the record store offered him a job. He could have been born and brought up in Amsterdam, but he is not. His dad was not a crazy Jimi Hendrix fan neither did he make Robert fall in love with punk music. His mum didn’t preferred Yves Montand or the Beatles. Robert Bergman went to school. His favorite subject is unknown.
Young master Bergman started collecting insane amounts of music and analog gear, basically making noise you want to love – he puts the oddness of the ‘Bergman School’ down to the fact that he is so far from any so-called style or genre that no one really cares what he makes or how it sounds or what you call it.
Tucked away from leery crowds, his clandestine taste can be heard at intimate spaces with great sound systems alike, and is a mixture of straight-up realness. Spurred on by the success of his first anonymous vinyl only releases on various classified but cult labels, Robert is steadily making his way into a prosperous future.