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Morphing Territories (SENSE / Basel, Switzerland)
Alice Iguchi (Electronic Groove / NYC)

DJ Dante

今回は来日している二人のDJをゲストに迎えします。一人はスイス・バーゼル出身のMorphing Territories。ディープなハウス、ダブ、テクノなどを上手くプレイするDJで、現在アジアツアー中。もう一人はアメリカ・NYC在住日本人、Alice Iguchi。この間のバーニング・マンで7回DJした強者Aliceは初めて都内でやるので是非‼️

◢ Morphing Territories (SENSE / Basel, Switzerland)

Morphing Territories is a Basel (CH) based artist that is driven by a certain interest in architectures and the modularity of sound.

His music oscillates between ambient textures and technoid structures that merge into evolving soundscapes of psychedelic sequences and dubby patterns. Found in field recordings and extracted from the substance of experience, organic frequencies turn into morphing sound constructions in the studio and bend minds on the dancefloor.

◢ Alice Iguchi (Electronic Groove / NYC)

Alice’s passion for music began in her teenage years, discovering rock music as she learned the guitar. From 2014, her music tastes expanded into electronic music, and her love for underground house & techno music became greater after she moved to NYC. Naturally, she started expressing her passion for that music as a DJ from the beginning of 2017, playing gigs in NY and Miami, and she currently has residencies with Electronic Groove, Do Not Sit On The Furniture and ebb + flow in New York.

Alice expresses herself through her music, just like using a language to communicate with people. Her music selections extend into different styles: from deep house and minimal to tribal sounds and techno, but she always takes you on a journey and picks the right sound to speak to you.